October 14, 2009


Its been awhile since my last post. I have been busy with PinoyClicks which i administer and co-owned. So if you are not a member yet, do so, you will surely get paid plus a lot of features which you can use for advertising or promoting your programs.

Talking about advertising, is it important for blog or site owners? Or is it important for those who doesn't have a blog but is earning money online? Whichever you are in, advertising is an important toll for network marketeers or for people who earn money online.

For blog or site owners, you have setup a good blog, but doesn't have visitors or viewers, it is useless. No one sees what you are promoting or selling online. For those who are in ptc'sor other paid to programs, how can you get referrals if you dont advertise your referral url. Oh sure you can invite your friends and family, but you can only have that much. The number of your family and friends is the possible number of your referrals, not yet sure if they have that urged to earn money online. Some may only sign up and end up inactive. The best referral is the one who is on the same line with your thinking.

What i am saying is, advertise, advertise and advertise. There are lots of advertising sites out there. Some are for a fee and some are for free and all will give you substantial results for your campaign.

A new way to advertise are the text ad exchanges. You earn credits for advertising by several ways. Browse Text Ads, Browse HTML ads, View banners, View Traffic Links, View PTC Links, Browse Solo ads and Browse Super Solo ads. You can also earn credits by your referrals activity. You can also earn cash by commissions but not all text ad exchange sites have this feature. Go and try out these text ad exchanges. I'm sure you will like it.

I recommend these two text ad exchange. Not only you earn credits for advertising but also earn cash fast. For faster earning potential, try their one time offer(OTO) for PRO or JV upgrade. Don't be afraid to invest as these sites are proven and trusted sites. I have been paid several times by these sites.

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