July 19, 2009

Free Advertising For Life PLUS Earn $4 Per Referral

You read it right, Free advertising for life Plus you can Earn up to $4 per referral.

I myself does not believe in MLM or other programs that requires you to get referrals for you to earn because i dont get much referrals. But hey, this is free advertising for life, once you get in, you can have access to five (5) text ads and five (5) banner ads. That is ten (10) advertising benefits for you. and it will be shown all over the internet. You dont have to click or surf for ads to have credits for your ads, there is nothing for you to do but set up your ads and leave it there. Imagine if you have a blog like this one, your blog gets promoted. Or you have a favorite ptc site and you want some referrals, it will get promoted and you could get some referrals. That is best 'benefit im getting with this new system.

But that is not the only benefit the system gives me, I could earn up to $4 per referral. As I said im not good at referring people, but hey, the system could still give me $2 per referral if someone signups and the system picks me as the random sponsor, i could get $2. Now, what if someone signs up from my referral link?, I will be paid $2 as sponsor. So I can earn up to $4 per referral. The more people gets in, the more chances for me to earn aside from of course my free advertising.

But the benefits does not end there. If you get in now, you will be given a one month Megastar Premium Membership at Daphneclix.net plus ten million banner credits and ten million featured banner credits. That's a lot of advertising credits. Its not all, you will be given another month of premium membership of your choosing at the following ptc sites, awesomeblossomptc, bannabucks, swakptc, eyeonadz or globalads. That is lots of benefits for you to advertise and earn.

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If you have any questions or clarifications, shout it out to me at the shoutbox at your right and i'll get back at you as soon as possible.